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Post Operative Instructions

What to expect and what to do following completion of the Root Canal Treatment.

  1. You may experience some discomfort and have some symptoms following completion of the root canal treatment. These include mild pain and sensitivity when biting or chewing on the tooth, spontaneous mild pain, throbbing and minor swelling.  Sometimes these symptoms appear a few days after completion of the root canal treatment and may continue for up to one week.  If symptoms persist for more than one week, please contact our office.
  2. If you have been given a prescription in our office, fill the prescription at any Pharmacy and start taking the medications immediately.
  3. Contact your general dentist office within one or two weeks following the treatment and inform them that your treatment has been completed. They will give you an appointment for the final restoration.
  4. Occasionally, after completion of the root canal treatment, we restore the tooth with a permanent filling. You will still need to contact your dentist and follow their recommendations.
  5. We strongly recommend a follow up visit in our office six to eight months after the completion of the root canal to assess the results of the treatment. Please mark your calendar to call our office for the follow up appointment.
  6. We extend every effort to satisfy you with all aspects of the treatment including care from our receptionists, dental assistants and associate Doctors. If any problems arise, please discuss the issue with us.  We wish to provide the utmost quality of care to our patients and make the treatment as pleasant an experience as possible.